7 Best Tools to Create Awesome Content for your Website

In this article, we will provide 7 best tools to create awesome content.

Have you ever heard that Content is King?

Yeah, it’s true that Content is the King of the Market. If you believe this, then you must have understood how important is to create content for your Website that converts into a customer.

Let’s talk about Marketing. As all of you are well known that there are mainly two types of marketing in today’s World that are traditional marketing and Online Marketing.

In the past, traditional marketing was quite effective and popular but in today’s world people are attracted to Online Marketing.

Content Marketing is one of the most basic and important requirements for Online Marketing. Content Marketing has many more benefits than traditional marketing as it is cheap and effective.

Marketing Strategy
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If you don’t have the right Content Marketing Strategy, then you will always be paying higher for it. Even if you have one, then you will need the right implementation as well.

To get done your Content Marketing Strategy rightly, you need to figure out the Content. Yeah, Content is what attracts readers to your Website. According to a recent survey conducted by ClearVoice, most of the marketers responded that the production of Content is the biggest challenge, not the strategy.

There is no doubt that you need to put effort to create good content. In this article, we are gonna discuss how you can use Content Creation Tools to create good content with fewer efforts. We have made a list of the best content creation tools for you.

With the help of these tools, you will see a huge difference in the quality of your content. These tools are easy to use and worthy of. Well Written Content will help you to grab the right audience. For your convenience, I have provided links where you can find these tools.

7 Tools to Create Awesome Content

1. HubSpot


HubSpot is one of the most famous names in Inbound Marketing, Sales and Services. It is the tool that can help you while you are looking for Content Distribution. It is the leading growth platform in the World.

HubSpot provides an easy-to-use interface that gives a lot of services. Thousands of people are using it Worldwide. It offers a various range of services such as building emails, chatbot functionality, social media integration.

This tool can grow traffics, create funnels and a lot more. Hubspot is used by a lot of marketers and small businesses. It takes only one or two weeks to use the HubSpot services for your business.

Even a beginner, can use HubSpot to find solutions for his Content and the most important part is that HubSpot provides most of the services free of cost.

I recommend this tool for Content Distribution.

Website: www.hubspot.com

2. Grammarly

Grammarly Tool

Grammarly is easy to use grammar and punctuation checker tool. It is an online tool that is free of cost. This tool is very useful for content writers and the people who want to improve their grammar.

It uses Artificial Intelligence to find real-time errors in the content. It is simply a great tool that is used by many content creators. This tool is quite useful for professionals also because this tool suggests better words, phrases and decreases the chances of errors and mistakes.

Even most of the experienced writers sometimes face the issue of wrong grammar and punctuation. Grammarly helps you to become a better writer and it claims to be 10 times better than a normal word processor.

I personally use this tool in content and I would recommend it to you also.

Website: www.grammarly.com

3. Canva

Canva Tool

Research shows that the content with relevant images has 90% more views than the images with none.

Images play a major part in the Content. It helps to communicate the information easily and it saves the time of the reader. Most of the people struggle with finding images, creating graphics, editing images, etc.

From now, you no longer need to worry about these things. Here is the solution for you.
Canva is the one in all images solution for you

Canva is a free tool that can help in creating and editing graphics and images. You don’t need to be a professional to use this tool. It is a simple tool with a drag-drop feature.

Infographics also play a major role in Content and Canva makes it easy to create infographics with the help of premade infographics. With Canva, you will be able to create awesome designs in a very short time.

Here is how you can use this tool:

1. Choose a design of what you want to create for e.g. logo, social media post, poster, etc.

2. Canva has a lot of pre-made which you can use. Choose the right design for your template.

3. Edit the template as per your needs and then click on download.

By following these steps, you will be able to create awesome content for your website.

I would recommend this tool to create images and graphics.

Website: www.canva.com

4. ilys

Have you ever heard about writer’s block?

Writer’s block is a state when a writer is not able to write further in a piece of Content. It is a very common problem among writers and it must have happened with you if you have ever been into content writing. 

Ilys is one of the most popular solutions for removing writer’s block. It is different from other distraction-free apps and it offers you an environment where you can be consistent with your work.

Here is a bit of detail about how you can ilys. When you open ilys, it asks you how many words you want to write. So let’s take an example if you want to write an article of 2000 words, then it will help you to reach your goal.

It simply encourages you to complete your goals but it doesn’t allow you to edit the text. This feature is not available as of now. But yeah there will be plenty of time to edit the text when you reach your goal.

When it comes to blogging, Consistency is the key and most important factor. It helps you to improve your consistency and concentration.

I would recommend this tool to be Consistent with your Content.

Website: www.ilys.com

5. Giphy

Everybody loves a GIF(pronounced as JIF).

. Actually, GIF is just a short video. GIF is a new trend on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. 

It is a new way to communicate and express themselves and people are widely using it. Although it has only been a short time that GIF came into the online world, GIF has gained a lot of popularity.

People are using a GIF to express emotions and gestures. Many brands have started using this to promote them. There are thousands of GIFs available on the Internet and you can even create your own with the official website.

It can be a great way to make your content look attractive and interesting. You can simply use this to showcase features, products, tutorials, etc.

Website: www.giphy.com

6. Evernote

Has it ever happened with you that you got an idea and it just slipped from your mind after?

It is one of the main reasons Evernote has been used by many entrepreneurs and creative people. It simply keeps a record of all your ideas. The thing can be a title or some line or even a word as well. 

It helps you to capture, prioritize and execute your ideas. Once you create a note, it will be saved in the program until you delete it(obvious).

It provides you the following features:

  1. Create posts and then transfer to your content management system
  2. Take notes for your future posts. It is preferable because if you do it on paper, it has chances of missing.
  3. Share your posts with others to develop great content.

And this is how Evernote can change the way how you look at Content.

Website: www.evernote.com

7. Hemingway App

Heming Way App Content proofreading tool

It happens many times with writers that when they write an article, then don’t think about how will the reader is gonna read it. The solution to this problem is proofreading.

Hemingway App is a free proofreading tool that helps you to make your content easy to read. It is a virtual assistant that makes your articles easy to read and simple. 

When you put your content into this program, it shows the different color codes which show whether your content is right or not. It helps to create complex sentences into easy and trust me, this tool is very useful.

I assure you that this tool will definitely improve the quality of your articles. 


Good Content will help you to be ahead of your competition and will make your efforts into success in Online Marketing. Even if you are a beginner, these tools can help you a lot in creating content.

As we have discussed these posts, it clearly shows that your efforts will be worth it if you apply the right strategy.

If you find any problem in creating content, Reach out as so we can help you


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Comment your views on these tools.

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